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Lipolitic cream

SKU: 739810120188
Appearance: Emulsion
Odor: Typical of the active ingredients used
Size: Bottle 500 ml
PAO: 6 months
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Professional, Professional body
anticellulite, antiseptic, lipolitic cream, mangostan, skin care
Based on Phosphatidylcholine, Bitter Orange and Coffee. It is an extraordinary and specific treatment against cellulite blemishes. Ideal for obtaining excellent results on the areas of the buttocks, abdomen, hips, thighs and arms. It contains a new natural active ingredient obtained by extraction in CO2 in a supercritical system without solvents obtained from Amara Orange and Coffee which stimulates the burning of fats and helps the body's remodeling. Leave the skin soft and velvety. Indicated after pregnancy. Thanks to the specific antioxidant and antiseptic properties of the mangosteen, the product helps to moisturize the skin giving the skin softness, elasticity and comfort.