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Moisturizing face cream 24H

SKU: 739810120607
Appearance: Emulsion
Odor: Typical of the active ingredients used
Size: Jar 250 ml
PAO: 6 months
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Professional, Professional face
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It contains the innovative purextract of sandalwood, malt and philodendron, a new generation of functional principles obtained by extraction in CO2, in a supercritical system, without the use of solvents. Suitable for a specific moisturizing and revitalizing treatment of the skin throughout the day. Its precious content of grape seed oil, avocado oil and aloe extract makes it a particularly suitable product to reconstruct the hydrolipidic film, preventing evaporation and keeping all the hydration it needs in the skin. Protects and softens the skin in depth. Combined with the exceptional capacity of the mangosteen, it helps to reduce redness, giving the skin softness, smoothness and silkiness.