Operative flexibility allows us to give our clients the following advantages:

• Possibility to formulate a product as best as possible on natural base or totally biologically certified.
• Possibility to formulate a new product based on needs and targets given by clients themselves.
• Possibility of full service production for small, medium and high quantities.
• Production and packaging of clients’ formulation in boxes supplied by clients’ himself.
• Production in bulk

All that concerns brands personalization we follow our client since the beginning, project and graphical study, giving high attention to high quality visual imprinting and communication.

Production in bulk

Production laboratories have a long time experience on behalf of third paties in cosmetcial field. Their structures and today so composed:

· Stocking warehouses for packaging material and final products.
· Warehouses for raw and semifinished products.
· Departments dedicated to cosmetical production.
· Departments for first and second filling.

We work all physical and chemical formulation today known as: emulsions, gel, shampoo, body wash. Production machinery sistems allow to satisfy the different needs requested by our clints especially in quantitative terms, from small batches (10-30 kg) to 100 kg, 250 kg and 500 kg productions.


Following our clients’ requests we can guarantee the filling and pakaging in small and important quantities of:

· Glass or plastic bottles of any dimension and capacity
· Glass bottles with metal ring cap
· Monouse syringe like 2 ml filler
· Plastic tubes
· Aluminium tubes
· Vases
· Airless
· Spray for cosmetical use

Possibility of batch marking, labelling and thermical cellophane of the product when filled and packed.